Monday, November 22, 2010

What attracts you in Auroville.....?

The concept of human unity is congruent with my core values and world view. My experiences of meditation and connection with the universe are in line with the principles of Integral Yoga as described by Sri Aurobindo, and I would like to continue my learning and realization in this area. I believe living and contributing to Auroville will enhance this for me.
My experience of working with abused and traumatized children, and the perpetrators of such harm, has led me to dissect and examine my belief sets, ideals and expectations of humanity, and also highlighted common preceding factors of dualism, isolation and ego. This ongoing learning encourages my affiliation with the notion that humans are not final, that evolution will continue and that these are some of the factors which hinder this progress. I want to explore this, realize my knowledge and contribute to human unity. I wholeheartedly embrace the vision of Auroville, and want to contribute to this important, progressive social movement.

What are you motivation to apply of an intership in Auroville
My attraction to Auroville - the actualization of, what to me were idealized concepts, plays a significant role in my motivation to apply. I am developing increasing interest in these unified, peaceful, progressive elements of life, and believe I have skills and energy which could contribute positively to Auroville. I am in a financial, emotional and professional position to undertake an internship in Auroville. My studies and work experience, as well as my general life practices are applicable to contributing to Auroville, as is my drive, intention and energy. Further, the learning and contributing opportunities available from an internship in Auroville are unique, and strongly congruent with my interests and values.

What personal qualities you would bring to your work
I possess an exceptional work ethic. I am interested, dedicated, innovative and inspired in my work. I am open to learning from all people and experiences, and building shared knowledge. I am energetic and devoted to the project at hand and the bigger picture we are contributing to, and am effective in balancing these commitments.
I genuinely love work. I enjoy the overall conceptualization of projects as well as the micro details and everything in between. I have enjoyed every role I have ever undertaken and gained significant learning and skills from each one. This passion and genuine commitment is a quality which reflects positively in every aspect of my work.

In order to improve our service, we need your feedback.
Would you be willing to give us periodically feedback, during your stay in Auroville, and send us a final report at the end?

Most definitely!! As mentioned I enjoy writing and would be very happy to provide reports, thoughts, reflections, evaluations etc of any description on any basis of frequency. I have a collection of emails from my initial visit to Auroville, which document my experiences and thoughts. I would be happy to share these as well to give you an idea of my writing style. I am able to write in any format, I write reports and assessments for my current job and have always had written communication as a central component of my professional and personal life.

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